Celebrating the Resilience of African Americans in Minnesota

See this inaugural exhibit on African American history in Minnesota. Learn about African American early settlers and pioneers in the 1800s. Celebrate Minnesota women who championed causes on the local and national stage. Observe the struggles and successes of African Americans who moved to Minnesota from the South during the "Great Migration." Honor African Americans who fought for freedom abroad, but faced discrimination at home.

The exhibit runs from September 2018 through Summer 2019.

The exhibit is curated by museum co-founders Tina Burnside and Coventry Cowens. Exhibit design by Timi Bliss.


A visual story of the tradition of African American women wearing hats, often called church hats, which has cultural and spiritual significance in the African American community. The exhibit features photography by Walter Griffin and paintings by Beverly Tipton Hammond. The exhibit also includes a collection of hats provided by Kevin Henderson of Mr. H's hats.

The exhibit runs from November 2018 through February 2019.

The exhibit is curated by museum co-founder Tina Burnside.